King Smith WalkingPad P1

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King Smith WalkingPad P1

The silver grey finish, with its regal accents, enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Folding is a technological advancement, while storing is an artistic endeavor.

When folded, a WalkingPad occupies just under 0.5 m2. Even in a small space, it will fit. Our revolutionary folding technology simplifies storage. Numerous spins and treads will not impair its capacity to fold.

Simple to store and adaptable to any scenario

The 25kg machine is lightweight and flexible, with wheels that allow users to effortlessly move it. Users are not required to bother about installation with an all-in-one design. It is equipped with protective measures such as operation cushions, safety handrails, and customizable accessories, allowing the entire family to walk on it comfortably.

Use fragmentation time to improve and maintain health through light exercise.

Intelligent control in 3 modes, 12 gears with infinitely variable speeds

At your disposal are step-sensing speed control, remote control, or APP control; 12 gears with infinitely varied speeds let you to enjoy the journey at your desired speed.

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Technical Parameters

Product Name:King Smith WalkingPad
Product Model:P1
Unfold Size:1432 × 547 × 129mm
Fold Size:822 × 547 × 129mm
Color option:Grey
Panel Display:Display on remote control
Motor Power:1HP
Running Belt Specifications:400mm
Speed Range:0.5~6km/h
Maximum Load:100kg
Net Weight:28kg
Products include: WalkingPad x 1, Power cord X 1 Remote control X 1, Lanyard X 1, Manual X 1

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Awards for the best in design

Award-winning WalkingPads have been recognized for their original design, aesthetic factors, fine product details, cutting-edge manufacture, and innovative folding technology, as well as their intelligent, user-friendly operation.